Coaches, Consultants, Seminar Leaders, Group Leaders and Service Providers...Find Out How Providing a Transformational Mastermind Can Transform Lives While Generating Income

If you’re a huge-hearted, high-level entrepreneur who generates a substantial income from products, programs, speaking or coaching, but haven’t used the mastermind business model then your leaving LOTS of money on the table. You are also not living up to your FULL potential as a leader.

This e-Guide is perfect for you if…

  • You are ready to use your wisdom, knowledge and expertise to play a bigger game and make more money…
  • You are willing to step into a bigger version of yourself
  • You love the idea of bringing together a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who share their triumphs and struggles while making BIG BREAKTHROUGHS together…
  • You are ready to deliver 100% honest feedback to those you lead

Connect to Your Community While Feeling Completely Aligned & Confident

In this e-Guide you’ll discover:

  • How this transformational mastermind approach works perfectly for coaches, consultants, seminar leaders, group leaders, and service providers.
  • How a transformational mastermind IS NOT a coaching program, and why its important to understand the difference.
  • How to create a high-end mastermind program that can sell for thousands of dollars using your existing knowledge and programs.
  • What resources and tools you will need to create your mastermind.
  • How to feel confidently aligned in yourself while enrolling people in to your mastermind program.
  • What you can do to guarantee you will provide more value than what you charge (so your integrity is honored).
  • Why you are 100% ready to create a profitable mastermind community now, regardless of what you’ve been charging for your programs today.

If while you’re reading this you feel a “YES” then find out why Kellie is creating such a BUZZ with this movement.

What Million Dollar Earner – Max Simon – Says About Kellie’s Work

“I can assure you that if you’re looking for someone to guide you in creating this process and to really support you in not only stepping up to be a leader, but also doing it in a way that financially impacts your life and your business, and really bring it together in a powerful way – Kellie gets my absolute unwavering blessing and I think anyone should lunge forward at the opportunity to be a part of this movement that she’s creating.”