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If You’re an Author, Speaker, Coach or Entrepreneur,

and you’re still in early growth stages – whether you have an existing business or are still in start up mode, Kellie Frazier, member of the Greenville Chamber, offers proven business strategies designed to transform a business from the traditional hours-for-dollars model to one that generates a leveraged stream of income based on proven strategies.

  • From priceless gems of insider business knowledge to exclusive networking opportunities, it’s about living your BEST, thinking bigger than you ever have before and making the unique difference you were put here to make while being well compensated for it.

  • This think-tank time is the perfect combination of business strategy, marketing consolidation, accountability and peer support all on a foundation of spiritual development and business growth.

Author, Speaker and Success Coach, Kellie Frazier, works with entrepreneurs to move them forward in business.  Kellie is Founder of Connecting LLC and creator of MasterMind-MasterMoney, specializing in building relationships while mastering both mind and money.  Kellie co-created a global community called Business Fundamental Friday’s (BFF) with business partners Garrett Pierson and Scott Brandley. This BFF is a worldwide on-line mentoring program dedicated solely to helping entrepreneurs succeed.  Kellie dedicates her life’s mission to feeding people to help them accomplish their dreams. Kellie is not paid for fixing problems rather she is paid for fostering breakthrough thinking, deep creativity and fresh perspectives.

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“One thing I know is that being an entrepreneur can really be more like a solo-preneur. At times I’ve felt alone and stuck in business and didn’t really have any like-minded people to bounce ideas off of. When I joined Kellie’s mastermind group, I felt like I had the support and connections I needed to move forward and people I could relate to. It also helps to have people you can trust and rely on like Kellie – she is totally focused on making the group cohesive and supportive. Brainstorming and connecting with like-minded people keeps me in business. That is what makes a great mastermind group – a fantastic leader like Kellie Frazier. I wouldn’t hesitate to join any group that she leads.”  Kelly Falardeau, Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Recipient of The Queen’s Award for Canada

WHERE:  Starbucks, Simpsonville at 657 Fairview Rd


* Are you trusting your instincts and if not, why not?

* Business VS Hobby Thinking

* Moving ahead faster and more focused than ever

* Strategies to build your marketing plan now

* Building your team

$40 per month


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A Message from Kellie:

“Over the past few months I’ve met with different entrepreneurs in Greenville, (male and female) to get their ideas on what they believe could help them be more successful. The one theme that consistently ran through every conversation was someone to lead a group that teaches them how to get their message or products out in a greater way, connect in a more caring way, not just handing someone a business card.  I completely understood where they were coming from on a few different levels.

I’ve spent the past several years connecting to audiences, uncovering, testing, analyzing, improving and implementing my work on-line to get my message into the hearts and souls of my ideal clients and customers.  I know I can help shortcut frustration – feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing – or not authentically loving what you’re doing.   No one will have all the answers for you, not me, not anyone, but by using the power of the collective minds in the group, we can help fuel your passion and confidence when it comes to running your business.

Meet us for coffee and open your mind to the possibilities of building a more sustainable business. We look forward to meeting you, helping you brainstorm ideas to move you ahead toward the success you are craving and that you deserve.”

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